Vat Registration

Vat Registration

We offer a low cost VAT application service for UK Registered Companies for both UK and Non UK residents. We have provided VAT registration services to clients from all around the world, helping them to register for VAT in the UK for all types of businesses. Our clients have included eBay sellers, Amazon sellers, Information Technology (IT) Companies, Marketing Companies, Import Export / Companies and many more.

Registration for VAT is compulsory when the turnover for your company reaches £85,000 or more within your company’s financial year. You are also required to register for VAT if your company’s total VAT taxable turnover is going to be more than £85,000 in the next 30-day period.

You can of course register for VAT voluntarily too before you reach the thresholds for mandatory registration if you believe that it will be advantageous to your business.

Once you register for VAT you will need to:

- Charge the right amount of VAT to customers for all goods and services sold. The default rate for VAT is 20% in the UK however this can differ on the goods and services that you are supplying and the location of your customers.
- Make periodic payments to HMRC for VAT due (by default this is usually every quarter)
- Submit VAT returns - you will need an Account for this. Our Accountancy Team can do this for you. See heres
- Keep VAT records and a VAT account

We offer a low cost inhouse Accountancy Service which includes VAT registration and VAT filing. This is something that many other companies offering VAT registration services, are unable to provide. If you sign up to our Accountancy Service it means that you will not need to pay for VAT registration separately and you will also have access to expert guidance whenever you need it. Our Accountancy packages also includes periodic filing of your VAT returns. See here.

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  • Non UK Residents Welcome
  • Fast VAT application
  • VAT Number Supplied
  • VAT Certificate Supplied
  • Online VAT Account Supplied
  • Access to low cost Accountancy Services

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