After you sign up to a service you will need to log into the customer admin area and upload your identity documents.

Please note that we do not require ID documents for Voip / Virtual Mobile Services.

Documents in all languages are accepted and in most cases we can translate them for free. If we cannot translate the documents ourselves then an independent translator will need to be hired for a one off fee of £12.00 You will be asked to pay us this fee before we hire the translator.

We need the below documents for the Director or Owner of the Business

1) Photo ID Click here to see what we accept

2) Proof of Residential Address Click here to see what we accept

3) 2 Selfies as follows:

a) Selfie holding a sign Click here to see what we accept

b) Selfie holding photo ID Click here to see what we accept

If we are going to be speaking to someone other than the Director i.e an Authorised Person , we will also need a letter of authorisation signed by the Director authorising us to deal with the appointed Account Handler. See here for an example template

We will also need the documents in 1, 2 and 3 above for the Authorised Account Handler.

For 3b the “Selfie Holding a Sign" photo should look like this

All ID documents can be uploaded in the client log in area after you sign up. Your log in details will be emailed to you after you sign up to our services.