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Company Name Change Service

Sometimes business may need to go through a rebranding exercise. One of the fundamental places to start with restyling a business is by changing the name of the parent company under which the business sits.

To change the name of a Limited Company on Companies House a special resolution has to be passed and signed by all of the Directors of the company. This then has to be lodged with Companies House with a copy of the resolution retained by the company for its own records.

Our company name change service takes care of everything from the drafting of the resolution, to filing it with Companies House and completing all of the necessary paperwork for Companies House to update the name of the company on the Companies House register. Companies House's fees are included in our price.

Here are some of the most common reasons that we have found for businesses wanting to change the name of their Limited companies:

- There is another business or company with a similar sounding name. A name change is therefore needed so that the public can differentiate between the 2 businesses.
- The business has changed its trading activities. For example Baxters no longer bake cakes. They sell flowers instead. A company name change is therefore necessary from "Baxters The Baker" to "Baxters The Florist."
- The existing name is not very catchy and people are finding it hard to remember. Eg the International and UK Community Service for Helping the Disabled Ltd is proving to hard for the public to remember.
- The business is rebranding itself with a brand new identity so a name change for the Limited company is necessary.
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Plus £20.00 Companies House fee. 100% of this fee is paid to them. We do not retain any of it.




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USD 51.85

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  • Fast Service
  • Companies House Fees Included
  • Certificate of Name Change Supplied
  • Special Resolution Document provided
  • Companies House website updated with the new Company’s Name

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