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Once you register for VAT you will need to:

- Charge the right amount of VAT to customers for all goods and services sold. The default rate for VAT is 20% in the UK however this can differ on the goods and services that you are supplying and the location of your customers.
- Make periodic payments to HMRC for VAT due (by default this is usually every quarter)
- Submit VAT returns - you will need an Account for this. Our Accountancy Team can do this for you. See heres
- Keep VAT records and a VAT account
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Pluse £8.00 Company House fee.100% of fee is paid to them. We do not retain any of it.




This is equivalent to approximately

USD 38.21

This is an approximate currency conversion for you to use for reference purposes only. You will be billed in GBP by us. PayPal or your debit / credit card provider will calculate the exact amount that you are charged based on their exchange rates.

  • Fast Service
  • Companies House Fees Included
  • Certificate of Name Change Supplied
  • Special Resolution Document provided
  • Companies House website updated with the new Company’s Name

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