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Closing / Dissolving Your UK Limited Company

Sometimes things do not go to plan and quite often you can find yourself being the Director of a Limited company that generates little to no revenue. While a company remains open you're obliged by law to make annual filings. These include your annual Confirmation Statement and filling of your Corporation Tax and Annual Accounts. These have to be filed even if you have not traded or if you have not generated a profit. This can be a financial burden and expensive especially if your company is not benefiting you in anyway. In such a case you may wish to consider dissolving or closing your UK Ltd company.

The company dissolution process can be tricky and is not always straight forward as there are a number of legal obligations that you need to adhere to before you can close your company. With this in mind we offer a low cost and convenient A-Z Company Closure Service that has been designed to make the process easy and trouble free for you. We handle the entire process from starting with the initial application through to ensuring it is listed on the First Gazette (this is a legal requirement) and also speaking to Companies House on your behalf to address any queries they may have. Once Companies House accept your application to close your company they take a minimum of 8 weeks to process the application. This is to ensure that a third party does not raise any objections to you closing your company. There is no way to reduce this time as the final stages of dissolving a company lays completely with Companies House.

If you purchase our service and you are an existing virtual office customer we will allow you to use our address for free as your company's registered and correspondence address during the dissolution process once your existing virtual office subscription expires.

For new customers who are not using our virtual address service they are welcome to use our address for free as the registered address and correspondence address for their company during the dissolution process. Just email us after purchase and we will allocate you with your own unique address.

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