Icon Offices £500 Business Scholarship + Free Business Perks!

This year we are offering a lucky and deserving student a £500 Business Scholarship.

Icon Offices is a UK based provider of office rental and business support solutions. We specialise in providing company formation, physical and virtual office rental, post management and communication solutions to start up and small to medium sized businesses.

As part of our community initiative and funding programme we have created a fund to assist the next generation of entrepreneurs with commencing and developing their business ideas. This assistance comes in the form of a scholarship designed to support students with an entrepreneurial drive, who are in the pre revenue or early revenue stages of launching a new business. The funding is designed to assist with study, research and capital startup costs associated with launching a new enterprise.

What do you get?

Our Scholarship Award, (Business Grant / Bursary Programme) will reward an individual with a grant of up to £500. In addition to this we will form a UK Ltd Company for you for free. We will also provide you with a UK Virtual Office / Address package for free for 1 year which will include free mail handling and mail forwarding via scan to email for 1 year. We will also provide you with a free business / voip phone line for 1 year and a free web domain name for your business for 1 year. We will also assist and mentor you with starting and growing your business in its first year.

Eligibility Criteria

Icon Offices’ Scholarship Programme is open to any individual studying at a recognised UK academic institution or a recognised US academic institution as at 31/12/2024

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How to apply

The application process is free and easy. There are no long forms to complete.

  • We need the following via email
  • 1) A 1,000+ word business plan telling us more about your business idea. The business plan should include the following:
    • a) Details regarding your business.
    • b) What stage you are at in launching your enterprise
    • c) Total startup costs to launch the business and what you intend to spend the money on.
    • d) How you intend to market your business and attract clients.
    • e) The projected volume of sales on a per unit basis.
    • f) Your estimated selling price for your products and services.
    • g) Your projected revenue per month and how it will be generated.
    • h) Your projected overheads and running costs per month and what they will be spent on.
    • i) Your projected profit on a per month basis and what you believe your pre-tax profits will be in your first year.
    • j) Who your competition is and how you intend to compete with them and gain market share.
    • k) Tell us if you have any previous experience with launching and running a business.
    • l) Give us any other information that you believe will support your application
  • 2) We also need a brief description of your personal circumstances with reasons for why you need financial support.
  • 3) We need proof that you are studying at your existing academic institution.
  • 4) We need a letter of recommendation from a tutor or course co-ordinator dated within 7 days of the date that you submit your application to us. Please also include a contact email address and telephone number for you recommender.
  • 5) We need an up to date CV that includes details of your recent grades and educational achievements. Proof of your recent grades and exam results may be requested later.

When is the closing date?

The closing date for Icon Offices’ Business Scholarship programme is on the 31st of December 2024. Applications should reach us no later than 23:59:59 UK time on 31/12/2024

How your application will be assessed

Applications for the Scholarship will be assessed on a number of different criteria. This will mainly be:

  • a) The quality of your business plan.
  • b) Your circumstances and reasons for further financial support.
  • c) The quality of your academic recommendation.

When will the winner be announced?

We will contact and announce the successful candidate by 28th February 2025.

We will also be providing regular updates about our reward / scholarship programme via our social media platforms with the winner also being announced to the public via these intermediaries so please make sure that you subscribe to the below: