We're always looking to create strategics partnerships with agents and affiliates who have the ability to help us grow our business by introducing clients to us. If you feel you are in a position to regularly introduce clients to us who can make use of our serviced office facilities or would be interested in subscribing to our virtual office facilities, then why not contact us to see if we can set you up on our rewards scheme?

We offer generous rates of commission for all client introductions that lead to the purchase or rental of a service from us. In many cases we offer lifetime commission for the duration of the subscription of a service.

Perhaps you're an Estate Agent or Property Broker, or an Accountant, Business Consultant or simply just someone who works closesly with other businesses. Whatever your story or background, if you feel you can reach people and companies that can make use of our services then please get in touch to see how you may benefit from joining our rewards programme.

Please enquire here to see what we could do for you.