What is a Confirmation Statement and Why does it need to be filed?

confirmation statement

Filing confirmation statements can be confusing and complicated for someone who does not have the relevant expertise and knowledge. Icon Offices can help you file your Confirmation Statement without any hassle.

We can file your Confirmation Statement for only £11.99 inc VAT plus £34.00 Companies House fee. Click here for more information and to proceed.

Annual Confirmation Statement filing was introduced by the UK government in June 2016 as a replacement for the filing of the annual return AR01 form.

A Confirmation Statement is a document that all Limited Companies and LLP’s must submit to Companies House at least once every 12  months. It is a simple way of informing Companies House that the business details that Companies House hold for your business are up to date.                                                              

What information needs to be confirmed in a confirmation statement?

While filling a Confirmation Statement you need to check and confirm that the information provided to Companies House for your business is accurate. A Confirmation Statement primarily consists of details for your limited company as following:

•Registered Office Address

•Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes (business activities)

•Statement of capital

•Trading status of shares

•Shareholder information

•Exemption from keeping a PSC register                                                                                                                                   

How to file a confirmation statement?

A Confirmation Statement can be filled online using the Companies House web-filling service. You need to be registered for online filling in order to file your confirmation statement. Icon Offices is already registered so we can do the relevant filing for you for only £11.99 The Companies House fee for filling a Confirmation Statement online is £34. Companies House web-filling service is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way      to file your Confirmation Statement.

Alternatively, a Confirmation Statement can be filed offline by using paper form CS01. You will need to post the completed CS01 form to Companies House. The fee for submitting your Confirmation Statement via a paper form is £62. You can make cheques or postal orders payable to Companies House.                            

When do I need to file confirmation statement?

Confirmation Statement needs to be filed every year within a 2-week period (approximately) of the annual anniversary of the approximate incorporation date of the company.

The exact window for filing and deadline can be seen on Companies House website.                                     

Can I make changes to my company details whilst filing my confirmation statement?

You can update certain details of your company during the Confirmation Statement filing process. This includes changes to:

•Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes

•Trading status of shares

•Shareholder information

•Statement of capital

•Exemption from having to keep a register of People with Significant Control

All other changes such as changes in officers’ details, registered office address, company name, etc. has to be filed separately using the relevant processes before or at the same time as filling your confirmation statement.                                                                                                                                                          

Do I need to file a Confirmation Statement if my company is dormant?

You must submit a Confirmation Statement to Companies House every 12 months, even if your company is dormant or it is a non-trading company 

This confirms to Companies House that the details they hold for your company are up to date.                        

Do I need to file a Confirmation Statement before closing my company?

As per Companies House guidelines you should file a Confirmation Statement even if you are applying to close your company or have already applied to close it. This will ensure that the information Companies House hold for your company is accurate prior to its closure and it also protects you from any repercussions from Companies House later.                                                                                                    

What if the Confirmation statement is not filed?

Every company, including dormant and non-trading companies, must file a Confirmation Statement once every 12 months.

Not filing your Confirmation statement is a criminal offence and directors or LLP designated members could be prosecuted.

There is no penalty for filing your Confirmation Statement late. However, Companies House could take steps to strike off your company, which may result in your company being struck off the register and dissolved.

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