Virtual Mailbox: Easy Way to Get Mail in UK For Full-Time Travelers

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Majority of us tend to take mail delivery for granted when living in a conventional home. We receive incoming parcels directly at our doorstep, and we simply raise the flag on our mailbox to notify the postal service to collect our outgoing mail. However, what happens to those who choose to travel full-time?

Does that mean more junk mail? Or how do full-time travellers receive their mail? Most people tend to ask their friends or families to store their mail, but over time it can become inconvenient.

A virtual mailbox is an efficient way for full-time travellers to access their mail and physical packages securely from anywhere.

Let’s explore what a virtual mailbox is and how it operates.

What is a virtual mailbox?

A virtual mailbox is a digital solution that allows you to manage your mail remotely. When you sign up for a virtual mailbox service, your physical mail is digitised and accessible through a web portal or mobile app.

Instead of providing a mailing address, you make use of the postal address provided by the virtual mailbox service to receive physical packages.

Is a virtual mailbox the same as a P.O. Box?

A virtual mailbox and a P.O. Boxes have similar purposes but distinct differences. Virtual mailboxes allow individuals to manage their mail from any location with an internet connection.

In contrast, P.O. boxes lack the feature of remote access, necessitating a visit to the post office whenever one wishes to retrieve their mail.

What are the differences between a virtual mailbox and a P.O. Box?


A virtual mailbox is a digital service that allows you to manage your mail remotely while a P.O. Box is a physical mailbox located at a post office or other designated facility.


You can use the virtual mailbox service’s address for receiving mail whereas P.O. Boxes have a specific address format (e.g., “P.O. Box 123”).

Receiving mails

Once you sign up for a virtual mailbox, your physical mail is scanned and digitised. You can view it through a web portal or mobile app. In contrast, you will have to visit the post office to collect your mail.


Unlike P.O. Box, you can access your mail anywhere with a virtual mailbox. It is ideal for digital nomads, travellers, or remote workers who need access to their mail from anywhere.


With a virtual mailbox, you can access features like mail forwarding, package handling, and mail shredding. P.O. Boxes have limited features and services. It primarily handles mail.

What challenges do travellers face with traditional mail delivery?

Difficulties in managing mail: Traditional mailboxes can fill up, leading to potential security risks or missed important documents.

Delayed delivery: Deliveries can be slow which may lead to miss time-sensitive mail, such as bills or legal notices.

Unauthorised access: Sensitive information may fall into the wrong hands.

Inflexibility: Travellers have to stick to one mailing address no matter their destination.

Clutter and disorganisation: Accumulating physical mail during travel can lead to clutter and disorganisation.

Mail forwarding hassles: Setting up mail forwarding requires coordination with postal services and notifying senders which can be frustrating.

What are the benefits of using a virtual mailbox for business purposes?

Professional Image: A virtual mailbox provides a professional mailing address for your business, which can enhance credibility and trust with clients.

Remote Access: You can access and manage your mail remotely. No need to visit a physical location; access your mail online.

Mail Digitisation: Mail is scanned and digitised, making it easy to view, organise, and forward. You can even search for specific documents.

Mail Forwarding: If you travel or relocate, the virtual mailbox service can forward mail to your desired location.

Package Handling: Some providers handle packages, making it convenient for businesses that receive shipments.

Privacy: Keep your home address private by using the virtual mailbox address.

How does a virtual mailbox work?

When you sign up for a virtual mailbox, you receive a unique address to use for all letter and parcel deliveries.

Your mail arrives at this location address, where someone receives it on your behalf.

A photo or scan is taken of your mail, which is then uploaded digitally to your account.

Once you receive your mail, you can log in and view your mail, take actions like requesting a letter to be opened and scanned, forwarding mail, or securely storing it.

How to set up a virtual mailbox with Icon Offices ?

Setting up a virtual mailbox with Icon Offices involves a few simple straightforward steps.

  • 1.       Select Your Address: Decide on a physical mailing address for your virtual mailbox.
  • 2.       Select a plan that aligns with your requirements.
  • 3.       Pay for your chosen plan to activate your virtual mailbox.
  • 4.    Once set up, you’ll receive notifications when new mail arrives. Log in to your secure online portal to view scans of envelopes and packages. From there, you can decide how to handle each item (e.g., scan, forward, or hold for pickup).

Icon Offices offers Virtual Office packages that handle mail and offer a physical address. We provide six exclusive business addresses in the UK. You can use any of these addresses for your business without physically being there. For instance:

  • ·        Chadwell Heath, Essex: Located near Romford, this address is perfect for a virtual office in East London or Essex.
  • ·        Holborn, London: Situated in the “Diamond District,” it’s an upmarket Central London business address1.

All virtual office packages include mail handling. You can receive mail at your chosen address, and Icon Offices will handle it for you. Depending on the package, you may get:

  • ·         A UK business VoIP landline phone number.
  • ·         Mail forwarding via scan to email.
  • ·        Worldwide mail forwarding via postal service.

We offer short term contracts with monthly, quarterly or annual payment options. For more information contact us at

In conclusion, full-time travellers can conveniently get their mail without the need of inconveniencing their friends and family. A virtual mailbox is a good option for cleaning up junk mail and receiving important and urgent mail quickly and efficiently while on the move.

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