24/7 Call Answering Service: Hiring or Outsourcing?

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In today’s connected world, it is crucial for businesses to provide constant communication lines to customers so that they can get quick responses and solutions without any hassle. In other words, business owners like you should be readily available to answer customer calls round-the-clock.

When your business is understaffed or when demand for your products or services rises, you may think that expanding your call-handling team is the solution to make sure that enquiries are not ignored.

Generally, companies are reluctant to provide 24/7 customer service because they have to sacrifice their business’s bottom line. Now, the question that arises is, “What should business owners do if they cannot run an in-house inbound call centre 24/7?”

The solution is to use a third-party 24/7 call answering service, such as Icon Offices, which guarantee that every call is answered promptly and no sales are lost. You can decide and choose the kind of service you need, whether it is information, bookings, messages, or even orders—you can customise the call answering service to suit your company's needs.

First Off, What is the Benefit of Having a 24/7 Call Answering Service?

Before we can start the debate between if you need to keep a fully human UK call centre for all your international calls or just a third-party 24/7 call answering service, let’s see the benefits that a 24/7 call answering system can bring to your business.

When you cater to global clientele, there’s no such thing as “opening and closing hours.” Your company must operate 24 hours a day, as even when it is night in your area, somewhere it might just be the beginning of any normal work day. You can’t miss out on them just because your working hours are over. This is exactly why you need 24/7 call answering service.

Difficulties of Hiring Staff for Call Answering Services in a Small Business

If your business is still new, hiring staff and managing them can become difficult and burdensome for the business. Here’s a list of all the problems you might face managing them.

1.Hiring Talented Employees

Just because your company is small, you may feel the need to hire the best talents who can help your business grow. For a small business having talented team of individuals is better than having hundreds of people on the floor for scaling business outreach. This strategy puts a lot of pressure on the HR department and might also need your attention sometimes when making a good decision about a candidate.

2.Retaining Talented Employees

Jumping companies has become trending among youngsters now. Just like recruiting the talented ones is difficult, keeping them working for a long period can become a herculean task for a small business with limited scope. The more talent one has, the more one seeks employee benefits to unlock their full potential in any company. They know their skills are highly in demand, and that leads them to ask for more and more compensation when you expect more from them.

3.Training Costs

Sometimes, even after recruiting talented and experienced staff, you will see the need to provide them with some initial training to help them get acquainted with your company's operations in general. Training new recruits involves spending extra time and spend some extra funds. Anything that needs more than what you planned in the beginning will become a burden in your business.

4.Safety Regulations

When you are hiring human workers, safety becomes a primary concern for both parties. Accidents at work will legally make you responsible for spending funds in a way that will be undesirable. Furthermore, providing for safety features and systems like fire extinguishers, first aid, and medical department is something that can burn a hole in your pockets in the long run.

What is an Outsourced Call Answering Service?

An outsourced 24/7 call answering service is a company that provides virtual receptionists to other companies. We at Icon Offices provide this service for small businesses at the cheapest rate.

We provide a virtual PA who handle calls, answer queries, transfer calls to the right departments, and stores information for people who call your company.

When you hire a virtual receptionist for your business, you can get 24/7 live call answering services. When the customer calls on a business number; an operator will manage their call professionally, then connect it to the right person.

A virtual receptionist can handle all types of incoming calls, (whether sales or non-sales related), and provide information on how to contact company executives directly or by email.

They can also answer questions about products and services while recording detailed customer information that may need follow-up to close sales or provide more help.

All The Reasons Why You Need Our 24/7 Call Answering Services

Whether the majority of your colleagues are attending a weekly staff meeting for an hour or they are away developing new skills, every missed call could reduce your profitability.

Cost Effective Solution

Hiring staff is always costly. From initial ads and interviews to training, everything will add you your expenses. And, once you’ve hired new staff, they’re permanent.

Third-party 24/7 call handling, on the other hand, is completely adaptable to the changing needs of your business, so you can use the benefits of more capacity when you most need them, without the financial burden of hiring.

Our Cheapest call answering service in UK will cost you only £0.69 plus VAT per call with no hidden fees. Yes, we claim to have the cheapest and most market disruptive price for our service in the UK.

No Restrictions on Scaling Up or Down

Often, organisations find it hard to handle customer calls because of significant variations in the number of support requests.

Having too many resources at hand hurts the business's profitability while having too few resources leads to delivery of poor support service. Here, if your business is supported by a reputable call answering service provider, you are likely to see smooth customer service operations as they can quickly adjust their resources according to the situation.

Besides preventing the call abandonment rate from increasing, they also create wonderful service experiences.

No Need for Training Anybody

New staff requires a lot of training to provide outstanding service to your customers. This is time-consuming, so hiring staff is not a fast solution in a critical situation.

At Icon Offices, our expert call handlers have a lot of experience in helping different companies with 24/7 call answering services that suit their specific needs. We spend time to understand each business’s structure, policies, and procedures to guarantee a smooth transfer, so customers get the same prompt service they are accustomed to.

Seamless 24/7 Call Answering 

If you think that handling incoming customer calls is just answering a call and having a brief chat with customers, then you are mistaken. That's because you have to go beyond your limits while dealing with customer calls during busy hours.

Realistically, ensuring a smooth call-handling process is impossible, unless you have essential resources and extensive industry experience.

At this point, 24/7 call answering service providers, like us, can come to the rescue as we have a crowd of support agents who have excellent speaking & listening skills, which are crucial to make sure a productive conversation with customers.

Never Miss a Call, Ever

A 24/7 call answering service makes sure that no enquiry is missed, even on bank holidays, weekends, and overnight, boosting your chances of attracting new customers. Customers will see your brand as dependable and responsive, creating the trust that leads to long-term loyalty.

With our Best Call answering service for startups, a skilled call handler will always be ready to take calls to on your behalf. While your own team will have holidays or be absent due to sickness, our committed team at Icon Offices is always there, so you don’t have to worry about staff shortages affecting your team’s ability to satisfy your customers’ needs.


1.How long does it take to get started with Icon Offices?

Icon Offices works to set up your 24/7 call answering and call transfer service in no time within the next 24 hours.

2.Is there any trial to make sure the services can serve my purpose?

Definitely! You can place a test call to our call centre pretending to be a random caller. You are testing the service, but the operator will not know it. We will even take a message and send it to you through email.

3.Do you transfer calls?

Yes, we have a system of taking calls round-the-clock and transferring them to you if the caller wants to speak to you.

Final Words - Icon Offices Can Help You!

Good customer service is the key to keeping your customers loyal. Instead of hiring new staff, which adds expense and hassle to your daily work, it makes perfect sense to work with an outsourced call-handling expert like Icon Offices.

We are a dependable, easy, and efficient way to make sure that your customers always get the professional service and care they deserve. Plus, our package is the best deal you can find in the whole country. Our services start from a mere £0.83 per call, including VAT.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and contact us today—let’s discuss all the features you can get if you choose us!

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