How using a Call Answering Service can help your business

A Call Answering Service is primariy a service that allows you to divert all of your calls to a call centre, where an attendant answers your business calls in the name of your business. A message is taken from the caller and then emailed to you. With some premium services the caller's call can even be transferred to you.

Icon Offices provides a low cost / cheap Call Answering Services priced at only £1.99 per week including VAT. After conducting recent research we found our service to be the cheapest Call Answering Service in the UK. In return for £1.99 per week we answer calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Calls are answered in a professional manner in the name of your business. A message is taken from the caller and then emailed to you instantly together with the caller's contact details.

Using a call answering service has a number of benefits for all types of businesses but in particular to small businesses. Here are some of the benefits that our customers have highlighted to us, about using a call answering service.

1.) Great for small businesses that are not always available to take calls.

Sales calls are the central core of any business. A call missed is potentially a revenue stream missed. As a small business you will not be accessible on the phone 24/7. Even if you can it will be either at the expense of your pocket or the expense of your time. Hiring a live call answering service is a cost-effective way to expand your hours and boost profitability while you are not available to take calls.

2.) Concentrate on other work while someone else answers your calls

You have a business to run. The phone ringing constantly can be a distraction and result in less productivity. A call answering service allows someone else to handle your calls giving you time to focus on some of the other tasks that are important to your business.

3.) Looks Professional

Most Call Answering personnel are polished and professional. They will answer calls in a professional and confident manner presenting a positive first impression to your customers and suppliers. With some of the more advance call answering services for small business, your callers will be presented with a welcome message and range of menu options, from which they can reach a particular department which then in turn diverts them to the call answering service. This presents an overall professional appearance to the caller.

4.) Customers' calls are always answered, giving them confidence in your business's customer service

Your customers need to know they can rely on you when it counts-like when they have questions or issues with your products or services. It is therefore very important that no call goes answered. Using a good answering service can guarantee that every call is answered in a timely manner giving the caller confidence that you are taking your business and them seriously.

5.) Gives the impression of a large company with lots of employees.

When using a business call handling service to answer your calls there's a strong possibility that a different call centre attendant will answer the phone each time a call comes through. It's also likely that each person has their own way of answering calls and taking messages. To someone who calls your business regularly, having the call answered by different people all of the time gives the impression that they are dealing with a large company with lots of different employees.

6.) Localised Presence

If you are based overseas or in a different part of the country, but wish to have a local presence, having a local call answering service where calls are answered in a local accent is a perfect solution for portraying the right image. It gives caller's the perception of you being a localised business.

7.) Never miss a call.

Missing a call can be disastrous, especially if you are working to secure new leads and geneate more business. Perhaps you are not always available to answer the phone or perhaps you are someone who spends a large amount of time on the phone already hence you miss calls as a result. Having a good call answering service can eliminate this as you will never miss a call.

8.) Cheaper than hiring someone full time to answer your calls.

Hiring a receptionist can be expensive for a small business. At the early stages of your business you may not have enough incoming calls to justify paying someone to handle them full-time. By opting for a call answering service, you will avoid having to pay a full time salary to someone. Instead you can manage your budgest by paying a set monthly fee to answer your calls or pay on a "per call answered" basis.

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